aka Gawain

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in Chicagoland
  • I was born on September 18
  • My occupation is Politics and Fandom
  • I am A Queerplatonic Aromantic Asexual
  • Bio Heyo. I'm a 15 year old decentralization progressive multiculturalist, globalist, ecofeminist, eco-socialism, conservationist, cosmopolitan, feminist, internationalist, ANTIFA, pacifist, humanist, nihilist, vegetarian, environmentalist, pro-abortion, pro-immigration, pro-vaccination, communist, anti-capitalist, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-TERF, anti-SWERF, anti-monarchist, anti-feudalism, anti-homophobia, anti-imperialist, anti-nuclearism, anti-zionist, anti-nationalist, animal rights activist, antimilitarist, marxist, unpatriotic, anarcho-socialist, anarcha-queer, anarchx-feminist, anarcho-pacifist who works on some wikis on Fandom. I talk about politics and geography a lot and I mainly just check in on fandom every few hours, if you ask me any questions it may take a bit for me to respond. That's about it lmao
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  • Hello, I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. We're excited to have WTTW Wiki as part of the FANDOM community!

    It may seem like there’s a lot to do, but we’re here to help make getting started quick and easy. Here are some helpful tips and links to get your community going:

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